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AxC fic

A fic I stumbled upon in ff.net.  It's written by starlight-kisses and I find it okay for a first timer.  ^_^ 

It's an AxC fic just like the subject says. 

Title:  Midnight Symphonies
Author:  starlight-kisses
Link:  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3225351/1/


Presenting..... AxC fic!

Title: Holding On
Author: yumiko_kida
Rating: K+
Pairing: Athrun/Cagalli
Summary: She loves him, he left her. He came back, will she too?


Artist:  yumiko_kida
Fandom:  Gundam Seed / Destiny (General Series)
Status:  13/15 Completed
Disclaimer:  I don't own the series, cause if I did Athrun and Cagalli will oviously be together.  I don't own the pics or the every brush I used.  

Not for any comm, made these on my own accord.  No hotlinking please.  Ideas come and go as I please... hahahaha

You don't have to credit if you're lazy (like me) just COMMENT before taking!


Friends Only.... Comment to be added

This journal is officially friends only!

I'm sorry to Piatot but yes, you are seeing the TRUTH this is friends only ^_^

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And please don't add me for the sake of making your friends list longer, I don't like you then.

Comments to be Added

Random things... again....

I've been lazy in updating anything, though I have been making quite alot of icons both because of boredom and for my friends.

I would be out of country from April until end of May, so those who would want me to update anything during that time, I'm saying sorry in advance already since I don't think I would be able to go online during those day (which will totally kill me!)

If ever I don't post my new icons here, you can check them out in my xanga site which hold my newest icon creations, Yuki's Icon Dump Site

And I'm thinking of making this journal friends only... maybe this weekend... *sigh*


Random Stuff....

I haven't updated for a longgg time now, I've been very busy. Anyways, I was suppose to write down a new and really funny poem me and a friend made but I'm kinda lazy right now so I'll just post it up later on....

And I so hate the world for not letting me use moodthemes! I'm not a paid account but the instructions thingy doesn't help me either! Damn....


Icons ^^

Done in The 100 Challenge ^^

Challenge: Bleach - Hitsugaya Toushiro
Artist: yumiko_kida
Status: 5/100
Program: Adobe Photoshop 6
Credits: Lots of credits to those who OWN the brushes I used ^^

Note: I'm not sure if the layout id proper so if there's a problem, please notify me.

to the icons!Collapse )


free meme...

I don't know why I got tagged but here it is...

Anyone is free to ask me ANY question, exclude any contact details!! And I will answer it as honestly as I can



Today sucks! First it's already sunday and it's ending!! NO! And tomorrow my exmas will start!! I hate life!!!

Only good thing happening to me is that Untainted Love is having a good number of review for chapter 3 which is actually chapter 2.... And that I some icons today... but overall my life sucks as usual!



Life here sucks, we just recieved out report cards last week and on Monday it's our first batch of exams for the quarter. Not only that, I'm sick with a fever right now and I missed the play which I practiced for!!

Other things is that Bleach is my new fandom! From all the bad things that had happened in the past few days, I can say Bleach is my medicine to bad I had to return Ellina the cds. I have a few favorite pairing which is HitsuxHina they are so cute together!!! X3

 And of course something that I have been waiting for the whole week, acononymous nbsp;bday!!! I give you the banner I promised, although it's not AsuCaga I hope you'll like it ^^


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